EduTech Champions

EDGE Campus – Empowering The 21st Century Learner
Changing attitudes to education with cellphone games. EDGE Campus is more than just a game. It is a lifestyle product that encourages learners to apply the skills learnt in the game to the real world. It educates them through a medium that is interactive and engaging, while teaching them certain competencies essential to life in a fun and safe environment that are essential to life.
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Qurio by EDGE Campus
Qurio is an assessment tool that radically changes the way Educators, Corporates, Publishers and Content Creators assess their audiences.
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Sangari South Africa
Developed programmes are centred in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or STEM areas, supplying educational solutions and services to: Schools, Colleges, Universities and Industrial Training Centres.
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Mustek e-Learning
The purpose of this blog is to inform those involved in education about available technologies and how to use them successfully in teaching and learning.
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This website was created for educators and parents to access fun and educational worksheets to use in the classroom and at home. These activity worksheets can be downloaded for FREE. The worksheets are filled with activities created to educate and entertain children. Subject matters include: Mathematics, English, Science, Environment, Health, Nutrition, Hygiene, Arts, Crafts and Colouring.
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